Reminder to Residents

A friendly reminder to residents: Borough Code § 12-104.   Description of Service.   C.   Access will be considered denied to Lewisberry Borough Electric when dogs or other animals are in a position to threaten or intimidate the Borough’s authorized agent or representative.  If a meter is inside a fenced area with a freely roaming animal that Lewisberry Borough Electric representative considers intimidating, access will be considered denied.

Please keep your dogs leashed or away from your electric meter so that it can be read. If access is denied, the meter will be estimated.


§ 10-501.   Responsibility for Removal.   The owner, occupant(s) and/or tenant(s) of every property located within the Borough of Lewisberry shall remove or cause to be removed all snow, ice, hail and/or sleet falling, forming or placed upon any sidewalk located within any Borough right-of-way adjacent to the owner’s property or any sidewalk located on the owner’s property which provides access to the general public across any part of said property within 24 hours. Snow may not be placed on the streets. The liability of the owner to perform the requirements of this Section shall not be based upon the owner’s occupancy of the property, and, on the contrary, the owner shall be liable for compliance with this Section even though the owner is not in possession.(Ord. 2009-3, 5/4/2009)

Please remove snow from sidewalks adjacent to your residence within 24 hours following the last snowfall.

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